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Our Awards & Accolades

Foodie Awards

We were shortlisted at the RAI Awards 2017/18/19

Living la Dolce Vita in Aroi...!

Giacomo Boscaini of Masi Winery launched our 1st wine evening recently. The Boscaini family who own & run #MASI #Winery are passionate about wine and promoting the #wines from #Valpolicella.

Had a fantastic time celebrating with KCLR96FM & Kilkenny Rose of Tralee
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Very proud of our achievements over the years

We won Best Asian Fusion Chef Ireland 2019 & Best Asian Fusion Restaurant Ireland 2019

Congratulations to everyone at Aroi On winning MOST AUTHENTIC ASIAN FUSION RESTAURANT IRELAND 2018

Congratulations to everyone at Aroi On winning Best ASIAN FUSION RESTAURANT IRELAND 2017 with Yes chef awards
Our Gallery

Our Asian fusion cuisine

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